Your company is large enough to offer photographers in villages and has equipment such as RFID screens, digital stands, scrolling screens, printing equipment and any innovative equipment to capture the dynamic moments of GM during their sporting, family & friendly activities, your field of intervention is at least Europe, Africa and ideally World, you interest us


Our expectations on these products and services

Facility Management in the resorts:

In order to make the stay of our GMs unforgettable and to refocus on our core business and devote ourselves fully to our GMs, we are looking for well-known professionals in the world of Facility Management professions, such as building maintenance and safety, with the aim of cooperating and engaging in medium/long-term relationships with groups that can, close to our villages, deliver the service while being responsive and flexible.

National and international scope, financial solidity, professional certifications, rigour, concern for the environment and civic commitment are among the selection criteria of our future partners.

Freight transport:

Express courier or actor present in the transport and logistics organisation business with an international presence and locally distributed agencies?

Then you can respond to our import and export requests, stock management, operate supply-chain management solutions for our international shipments including multimodal transport, customs and regulatory compliance.

We are also looking for the latest innovations in terms of safety, performance and sustainable certification.

Digital platform to optimize transport solutions in the face of the increasing digitalization of the supply chain sector. To create value in the management of flows.

What we include in this purchase family

  • Laundry facilities
  • Security/Guarding
  • Cleanliness / Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Building maintenance
  • Maintenance of equioments
  • Waste management


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