Work together

Legal and social conformity :
- Conformity with legal and social obligations
- Respect of the hygiene and safety standards
- Support for sustainable development

Quality products & services :
- That conform to our specifications and commitments (orders..)
- That are constant

Support for the teams in their use :
- On-site training
- Instructions for use

Creativity and a spirit of innovation :
- Creation of value

Respect for the commitments :
- Contract, specifications, orders…….

Economic competitiveness :
- The best prices on the market

Transparency :
- Access to your factories for quality controls and/or audits
- Logistical support if necessary
- Activity reports with figures

Support of the performance steering :
- The implementation of the progress plan
- The implementation of the productivity plan
- Competitive offers with correct prices

Expertise and market watch :
- A supplier who knows the “market’s voice”
- Work on the time to market

A spirit of co-construction or partnership :
- A prior integration in the expression and the challenge of our needs