Our policy

Our policy


Our mission

Develop the steering of our relationship with the Suppliers in order to :
* Contribute to the results and to the creation of the value of the company.
* Satisfy the promise made to the Clients with a qualitative and differentiated offer.
* Respect the Club Med values and its civil commitment.

Our commitment
Support the strategy of the Club Med SAS and position ourselves as a creator of values for all of the internal and external clients Departments.

Our policy
5 axis :
* Build long-term relationships with strategic suppliers who are able to satisfy our expectations
* Speed up and facilitate deployment of new products and services (time to market, ...)
* Reduce costs (total cost analysis and optimization of the geographical perimeters of the contracts)
* Contribute to develop new offers through suppliers innovation (pioneering, ...)
* Develop responsible purchases (green purchases, human respect) by encouraging the application of our sustainable purchasing chart.